News Views 6 pm 89.3 FM

News Views 6 pm 89.3 FM.

Excellent broadcast. Garland @GarlandNixon & Mark @MarkLevineTalk always have spirited discussions & welcome the listening audience to participate on the most pressing current issues. Best Friday current events/politics radio show on in the D.C. area that isn’t beholden to corporate interests. Keep it up guys.

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Capture of U.S. Gov’t by Wall Street interests brought to the forefront again

Capture of U.S. Gov’t by Wall Street interests brought to the forefront again.

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Capture of U.S. Gov’t by Wall Street interests brought to the forefront again

Given the fairly recent McCutcheon #SCOTUS decision & the resultant U.S. Senate Majority Leader calling out Billionaire right wing, political donation, sugar daddies like the #Kochbrothers, its a great time to discuss Wall Street’s stranglehold on elected U.S. politicians.

In addition to the above two occurrences, I was also drawn to revisit the capture of the political process by the financial elites because of a well produced documentary called “The Four Horseman” by Ross Ashcroft which was released in September 2013. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend that you do. Its available to watch on you tube & is only 97 minutes in length.

I had a glimmer of hope that cronyism (revolving door employment between Wall St & Washington, D.C.) would be addressed by the current President but it seems that the most he’s done is window dressing. Aside from the flagrant obstruction from Republicans who would seem to be the primary benefactors of the capture of Washington by monied- interests, the Democrats are equally culpable. Granted, their legislative plate is full but they have done nothing of substance to combat the appearance, nay, the existence of corruption aside from a watered-down (mostly at the insistence of republicans) financial regulation law.

Add to this the facts that Michael Lewis lays out in his latest book “The Flash Boys” which illustrates how Wall St is robbing American investors blind, through the use of High frequency trading & resultant “front loading”, and the musings of why Russel Brand refuses to legitimate the corruption in D.C. by voting, as he notes has been stated by others, for the usual suspects in his interview with Jeremy Paxman on NewsNight and its the ingredients for a perfect storm.

For the above reasons I refuse to vote for either party until they unshackle Washington from Wall Street and its pernicious malevolence. Is it any wonder why anyone with any sense of decency will not vote for these parade of bought-off crooks? Some pols have vocalized the fact that the corrupting influence of $$$ makes them have to shmooze potential contributors to their campaigns the day following their elections if they want to keep up. Wall Street no longer represents the heartland business of America but rather short-term personal gain through whatever means necessary (usually buying-off politicians in this instance). There may be a few exceptions but the end result is that politicians are merely puppets for the well-heeled. I want no part of a system like that

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Latest kubuki theater in the Nation’s Capital

House Speaker Boehner (R) and Leader Cantor (R) have recently made statements saying that adding any more revenues to offset the effects of the looming sequester are off the table”. This is outrageous given the post-election realities. The President won the election with an overwhelming electoral college victory. More decisive, in fact, than the previous Republican President did. The President has more of a mandate than his predecessor who claimed, at the time, “I have political capital and I’m going to spend it”

This is what happens when censuses are used to gerrymander voting districts every ten years. Representatives now only have to be concerned about being challenged in their own Primaries by¬† someone from the same party for “not being conservative” enough. This results in having far-Right candidates for the general elections, something the Establishment Republicans and their political mavens like Rove are sick of. They end up having ideologically “pure” candidates but lose the general elections that can cost them the control of entire branches of government not to mention- bring gridlock to the branches that they do already inhabit.

It would seem that the American people would ALSO be sick of this lopsided elections and the resulting gridlock in Washington, D.C. Boehner and Cantor are merely playing to their base(s) as they are no doubt in safe districts in no small part due to incumbency as well. They seem to value their taxpayer- funded jobs (ironic seeing as they are the party of small government) more then they value the very welfare of 100’s if not 1000’s of their own constituents.

Add to this the fact that what the President is asking for is for tax loopholes to be closed. This would have happened anyway in the coming tax reform discussions/committee hearings which has been deemed necessary to keep the country competitive. It seems obvious that the Republicans are more concerned with 2014 than they are with the country’s current looming crisis.

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Employment digital firewalls

In the last decade it has become increasingly common practice for potential employers to set-up an “digital employment firewall” if you will. A way to avoid meeting candidates face-to-face for a variety of reasons by forcing them to submit applications electronically. The net result is that job seekers interviews consist of typing onto an LCD screen on their home desktop. There are advantages and disadvantages to this relatively new development.

Some advantages are cutting down on paperwork, hiring based on abilities rather than appearance or personality, saving time for staff to accomplish other tasks, etc… These few advantages are far outweighed by the ill-will and metaphorical desolation the scheme engenders in job seekers.

Some of the disadvantages of requiring digital applications for employment include the ability of the employer to overlook many applications at will, hiring based on specific traits, possibly gleaned from perusing the applications as opposed to abilities, the option to claim that applications were not received by blaming it on the network routing, not having to personally respond to applications and conversely; the applicant not knowing whether or not the application was received, etc…

These negative aspects, associated with larger companies and governments setting up digital firewalls to employment, make the job seeker seem that much more removed from the process and increases the discouragement experienced by the job seeker especially when its occurring during a down economy. These aspects of companies and governments increasingly utilizing digital application process’ are probably not as relevant in an up economy where job seekers get many offers but with a down economy, perhaps job-seekers could be given the option of in-person interviews.

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toxic influence of money in politics brought to the forefront again…

…just like it was when the Congress was working on the Financial or Healthcare Reform bills. This time it has to do with the ongoing Hagel (R) nomination to be the new SECDEF. Sad that shadowy, special interest, front groups are doing what they can do to tear down this man’s reputation as a two-time senator & decorated ‘nam vet who walks around with shrapnel in his chest to this day. All of these negative, ad-buys because he is known for basing his votes on conscience/not following the herd mentality.

If there was ever a time to bring a case forward, to revitalize the BCRA, it is now.

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